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Do you want to know the future of Israel? “The Future of Israel (Law: Genesis)”, by Misop Baynun, tries to shed some light on this matter. Read this book to investigate prophetic scriptures and examine them in detail to see what sort of future might be awaiting Israel.

It seems that much of the world’s interest (and God’s and Satan’s as well) hovers around the state of affairs of this small country in the Middle East, and the children of Israel. Referencing the word of God recorded in Genesis (Bereshiyt), and throughout other books of the Bible, this book tries to point out prophecies that paint for us quite a beautiful picture portraying this future of Israel. [Genesis is the first of the five books of the Law (Torah) by Moses (Moshe) found in the Old Testament (Tanakh).] A commentary on and a descriptive analysis of these prophecies and their fulfillment (or potential future fulfillment) is given.

From Chapter Preface [html] (p17) of the book

The Future of Israel (Law: Genesis) [info]

by Misop Baynun

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MagPro Literature Author of the Day:

Misop Baynun (left) and Hermes Mc. Grath (Right),
relax in Ein Gedi, Israel

Misop's written works include The Future of Israel (Law: Genesis), Throngs of Iniquity, and Misop's Book of Band Names

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